Facebook Ad Changes for Real Estate

Facebook Ad changes for real estate professionals

Are you looking to grow your real estate business with Facebook or Instagram ads

Are you wondering whether these ads are a good idea for your real estate business?


One of the best and quickest ways to grow your presence with a Facebook or Instagram business page is to leverage the Facebook Ads Manager tool. With this, Facebook allows you to target your ideal clients with precision, establish your brand and stay top of mind with your clients, leads and prospects on both your Facebook Business and Instagram Business accounts.

If you use Facebook ads to grow your real estate business or plan on doing so in the future, it’s important to note that there have been some major changes to the Facebook Ads Manager. I am going to share with you the exact changes, the strategy that you need to implement due to these updates and how they will affect your online marketing moving forward, especially when it comes to Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s Cover The Special Ad Categories on Facebook

When you create a new ad using the Facebook ads manager, you are asked to select a special category. If you fail to do this, your ad may not run or even worse, your Facebook account could get shut down.


The Facebook Special Ad Categories are:

  • Credit Opportunity: Ads that promote or directly link to a credit opportunity, including but not limited to credit card offers, auto loans, personal or business loan services, mortgage loans, and long-term financing. This also includes brand ads for credit cards that include a specific credit offer.
  • Employment Opportunity: Ads that promote or directly link to an employment opportunity, including but not limited to part- or full-time jobs, internships or professional certification programs. Related ads that fall within this category include promotions for job boards or fairs, aggregation services or ads detailing perks a company may provide, regardless of a specific job offer.
  • Housing Opportunity or Related Service: Ads that promote or directly link to a housing opportunity or related service, including but not limited to listings for the sale or rental of a home or apartment, homeowners insurance, mortgage insurance, mortgage loans and home equity or appraisal services. You can include the Equal Opportunity Housing logo and slogan to help differentiate your ads as non-discriminatory.

Although the categories are restrictive, you can use the ad itself to target, retarget and market to your ideal clients. 

Here’s the information on what is restricted:

For ads in certain special categories, the following audience options are different or unavailable:

Facebook ads for real estaet professionals


Unlike before, when the keywords that you have access to are much more generic. There is still the option to browse through the words that are available. The most surprising change is that you cannot target less than a 15-mile radius from the location that you are looking to reach.


What to do if you are a real estate professional looking to use Facebook ads to target?

Facebook is still a decent option when it comes to marketing your real estate business. But, it will take some adjusting when it comes to your ad strategy. It’s also important to check your analytics while your ad is running often in order to ensure that your ad is effective.

An effective Facebook ad strategy starts with an objective and ends with keeping your finger on the pulse of your analytics. It might be difficult to reach local markets because of how limited your keyword selection and geographical reach is now.

The content that you use in order when setting up your ad is going to be even more important. Your ad’s visuals and copy should be set up in a way that they can engage the type of people that you are looking to reach.

With these new Facebook ad changes, retargeting campaigns are more important than ever. An effective retargeting strategy will allow to advertise to and stay top of mind with your warm audience. With these ads, you can retarget the following:

  • Website visitors
  • Engaged Facebook Fans
  • People who have watched your videos
  • Email subscribers

If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that Facebook is constantly making changes. They can be a challenge to keep up with. Being flexible and adaptable is key. If you are able to utilize high-quality content and leverage an effective retargeting campaign, you will be able to reap the benefits of growing your real estate business with Facebook ads.