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Let us help you gain a Competitive Edge

What do we do?

Since 2015, Competitive Edge Online Marketing and Branding has helped small business owners get seen, recognized, and known in an otherwise busy and competitive market. 

How do we do this? 

By creating valuable, meaningful, and impactful brands. We also create and curate compelling content on behalf of our clients. We excel at bringing clarity to your brand’s voice through an attention-grabbing social media presence.

What sets us apart?

With almost 200, 5 star online reviews, our team has a long track record of success. We also possess industry knowledge and this is showcased through the excellent work that we do for our clients but the. We take pride in offering a personalized approach when working with our valued clients. From our personalized coaching, logos, business cards, social media cover photos and so much more, we stand on the principles of excellence.  If you are looking to level up your brand, we will guide you every step of the way. We are excited about delivering this standard to those who are looking for a polished, consistent and professional brand and online presence.

Who do we serve?

Because we teach Georgia Real Estate Commission courses, one of our core clientele is professionals who serve the real estate markets.  Whether you are a real estate agent, closing attorney, or lender we deliver specialized solutions to your marketing needs. Our team knows and understands GREC compliance when it comes to marketing and branding. This helps put our clients at a key advantage when working with us. We do take on various other clients in different industries outside of this arena, but only on a case-by-case basis. 

Most of our clients have had a certain level of success, but recognize that the market is changing and are looking to take their brand to the next level. Some of our clients are new entrepreneurs who are looking for a written marketing plan, enhanced social media presence, or a solid brand that will help guide their new career in the right direction.

We are in your corner

No matter what season of their business our clients find themselves in, you can rest assured that we are in your corner. You can see us as a partner to help take all of the things on your plate that overwhelms and eat up your time. We will guide your brand, manage your social media while providing strategies and best practices that work.

Do you have a Competitive Edge, or are you racing to catch up?

Our team brings practical, actionable, personalized, and attainable marketing and branding strategies to our clients. If you have been putting your branding and marketing on the back burner, it’s time to level up. 

15 Minute Discovery Call

Let us help you gain your Competitive Edge. If you are serious about growing your brand and understand the importance of investing in your marketing, sign up for our one on one 15 minute marketing discovery call here.

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"Shantha is awesome about taking your ideas and making them into what you want to see for your marketing. I give her all my ideas on paper and she presents back what I might be thinking which is very helpful. She did a great job recently on our logo and website changes."

— Melissa W.

"Attended one of Shantha's classes on branding and was really impressed by her passion and ability to teach others what is so critical in today's world of Social Media. I left that class with a much better understanding of what I need to do to compete!"

— Susan H.

Shantha does an incredible job! She is full of great information and she definitely exceeds expectations for branding and marketing. She is also a great instructor. I highly recommend her to anyone!

— Charley Y.

Shantha and her team were awesome in helping us with our branding and expanding our social media presence. She is easy to communicate with, and we were always contacted in a timely manner.

— Denise C.

Get In Touch

Are you interested in getting a class taught onsite at your office or would you like to grow your leads by sponsoring one of our highly valuable classes? Email us directly info@competitivebrand.com or fill out the below contact form.

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