Merrill Sinclair teaching self-defense seminar at Body Conscious Personal Training


Merrill and Sheryl Sinclair own and operate Body Conscious Training and Sinclair’s Kyuki-Do Martial Arts Studio. The Dallas, GA based fitness facilities are dedicated to helping individuals from all walks of life lead fit and healthy lifestyles. “We are for everyone because we have an environment of encouragement and not judgment. We want anyone, no matter what size or place they are in their health journey, to feel comfortable enough to want to come in here and workout without being judged.” Sheryl said.


Recently, the couple hosted a free self-defense seminar at their facility. Lynn Houts, who is a black belt in Kyuki-Do and instructor at Sinclair’s KMA helped to facilitate the event. She spoke to the 15 women and teen girls who were in attendance. Houts is passionate about both martial arts and also seeing that women have the tools that they need to defend themselves if ever faced with an attack. “Women have so many misconceptions when it comes to being vulnerable to an attack.” She said.


“Most women feel safe during the afternoon, because this is considered mommy and me time. In fact, most people let their guard down when they are out and about with their kids during the day. In actuality, women should feel less safe during this time because most predators are lazy, but smart enough to know that you are an easy target at this point in the day. Always be no matter what time of the day it is and never let go of your child’s hands when you are out and about.” Houts explained


Houts believes that self-defense or a lack of it takes place before a crime ever occurs. “As soon as you step out of your car, you need to be a presence. Most people are victims before a crime even takes place because they are not paying attention to their surroundings.”


Merrill Sinclair who is head instructor at Sinclair’s KMA has over 30 years of martial arts training and has been training women in self-defense techniques for 2 decades. During the self-defense class, he trained the women in the physical tactics that are necessary to fend off an attack.


“The first question that I ask women during these types of courses is if they are comfortable with hurting someone. The reason I ask this, is because if someone grabs you, you will have to think about hurting that person pretty badly. If someone is getting aggressive with you, the thought needs to cross your mind that you will have to hurt them in order to get them to stop. This pain might have to come to a point that they will have to visit an emergency room for treatment. The preferred result is to escape before this happens, but sometimes that is not an option and you have to be prepared for this.” Merrill said.


Sheryl emphasized that taking inventory of the people around you can an important key in remaining safe. “Every person that you meet is not out to do you harm. But, you have to assess and reassess the people that you come into contact with. It is important to remain cautious when dealing with people that you don’t know and sometimes those you know as well can surprise you from time to time, these are called infiltrators. As women, we should not be afraid or ashamed to set boundaries for ourselves. A person who does not mean you any harm will respect your cautiousness and recognize those boundaries. The same rules that we teach our children about others are the same rules that we need to follow for ourselves.” She said




Body Conscious is located in the Acworth Village Shopping Center Located Behind the Crossroads Kroger.

8492 Hiram Acworth Hwy, Ste 125, Dallas, Georgia 30157

Ph: 770-627-3126


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