3 Amazing Sites With Fantastic Free Stock Photos

Are you in need of free stock photo sources?

Would you like to take your online marketing strategy to the next level with high-quality visuals?

Social media is one of the most important avenues that you can use to market and grow your business. An effective social media marketing strategy includes posting high-quality visuals.  Posts with images produce 650% higher engagement than text only.

Your content should be attractive, engaging, understandable, memorable and relatable. Using visually pleasing images along with other social media content will get you more engagement, attract a larger audience and help people associate quality and credibility with your personal brand. High-quality visuals will also help you to stand out in a very noisy, competitive and crowded market.

Before finding and posting images on social media, it’s important that you read up on Section 106 of the US copyright law. This law gives the original owners of photographs and images exclusive rights to their own content. This means that if you don’t have permission to share or redistribute protected content, you could face serious legal consequences.

The ultimate goal is to avoid a lawsuit and at the same time post the best and most visually appealing content for your leads, prospects, and clients. That’s why I put together the  following list of sites where you can find free stock photos to use for your social media marketing content:

1. Pexels

This is hands down my favorite site. Pexels includes high quality and did I mention free stock photos. The licenses are under the Creative Commons Zero license, which means you are free to use the photos in your social media content.

2. StockSnap.io

This site also provides users with beautiful stock photos and high-resolution images. You can search and browse for the right image. You can also choose from the most popular photos used with the site’s ability to track views and downloads.


3. Unsplash

This is another site that offers high-resolution photos. This is one of the best sources for stock photos. All photos are released for free under the company’s own license.

Take advantage of these free sites so that you can have the very best social media presence. You should be adding an image or video to every single post. If you are looking to take your strategy to the next level, try adding high-quality images.


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