On May 3rd, the Georgia International Convention Center will be hosting this year’s Black Network Inspirational, Empowerment, and Professional Networking Conference. The purpose of the event is to uplift and enable black professionals and entrepreneurs.

Event organizers encourage business owners, future entrepreneurs, senior management, professionals and company decision-makers to attend. This will be an excellent opportunity to network, attain new business ideas, and garner investment opportunities and professional recognition.

“If anyone is looking to make Business-to-Business connections, learn about products and services that will help business growth, or grab cutting-edge professionals ideals and connections, and speed networking, this is it,” says event organizer, Godwin E. Enogieru.

The event will feature celebrity keynote speakers including Dr. Mel Mahone, Ash Cash, Audrey Blake, Cherie Johnson, Dr. Gather William II, and comedian Melissa Grimmond comedian. Headlining the awardees is a 13-year-old entrepreneur, jewelry designer, author, motivational speaker and philanthropist Gabrielle Jordan Williams.

According to Atlanta based entrepreneur and avid net-worker, Sherry Lowe-Cooke, this type of event is just the thing that up and coming professionals and aspiring business owners need. “Being able to network on the professional level provides many opportunities to gain exposure, support, education and training. For entrepreneurs and small businesses, networking can be a lifeline for referrals. This can also serve as a confidence booster and a source of motivation.”

Since 2010, Cooke has owned COACHNWORKS, a company that is dedicated to helping professionals get the training, coaching, support and guidance needed in order to grow in their careers. “As a job seeker’s coach, I have realized tremendous satisfaction with helping the unemployed find jobs. I have been able to assist in helping a previous felon, not only find a job but after a week or so, become the focus of conversation around a promotion. I have been helpful to older, long-term unemployed as well. I have facilitated, developed and presented various training programs which addressed the limitations and subsequent needs of certain job seekers. It is very rewarding to see these participants succeed.” She said.

Cooke’s dream is to one day launch and build a network of black business owners.” Given the state of the economy, joblessness, and lack of economic and business success within most inner-city and impoverished neighborhoods, forming a network like this could help develop more business owners, provide referrals, motivation, support and training. This network can lead to more jobs in the black community and role models for the black youth.” She said.

For further information about the networking event taking place at the Georgia International Convention Center on May 3rd , please contact: Organizer Godwin E. Enogieru (Blacks Network, Inc) at 1 (877) 773-1002 – TICKETS Available at: BlacksNetwork.Com and Eventbrite.Com.

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