Instagram Tips: Competitive Edge Social Media Marketing Management

Instagram Tips: Competitive Edge Social Media Marketing Management

Instagram has grown into much more than a photo sharing tool. For many  businesses, this relatively new social media platform has become a very important vehicle. Many are utilizing it to usher their company’s brand in front of the 200 million users who login to it every single day. This tool can help you define your brand positioning through the pictures that you choose to share with your audience.

Businesses are using Instagram to gain new customers through the art of relationship building. Users post 60 million photos on Instagram each day and people click the like button about 1.6 billion times on the platform. Companies have capitalized on these staggering numbers and are boosting their sales by posting pictures of their products, services and staff.

Target audiences get an instant feel for who companies are through their pictures and video content  posted on Instagram. It is also an excellent platform for growing awareness about your brand. This is especially true for industries like fashion retailers and tourism, where people want to relate visually to the types of products and services that they offer.

Photography is an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds due to the Instagram phenomenon. Many photographers are using the platform as a launchpad to showcase their skills and craft. Many companies are realizing key benefits in implementing the use of Instagram in their digital marketing strategy. This has led to its increased use among a wide array of organizations. A brand’s ability to spark emotion and engage online communities through interesting pictures has led to this growing trend.

Instagram is an excellent way for organizations to brand themselves by creating a visual medium through the pictures that they choose to  post.

Here are 5 Tips on how you can use Instagram to brand your organization:

1. TELL A STORYBrand story telling is one of the best ways to connect and engage with your audience. When used effectively, pictures are just as powerful as words when it comes to telling your story.

2. USE HASHTAGS – A hashtag is a word or sentence that begins with the pound sign (#), Using a hashtag, which is clickable, makes it easier for users to find all the pictures about one topic. When it comes to Instagram, all you need are about 1-3 well-placed hashtags positioned right before your keywords.

3. RESPOND TO QUESTIONS – Instagram is a very personal experience . Companies can follow people and interact with them one on one. To do this well, you can do a search for your company’s name. If you notice that people are mentioning your company on Instagram, join in the conversation. Or,  you could even answer questions on a topic within your particular industry.

4. GET INSPIRED -Follow people whose feeds you would like to emulate. The more good photos you see in your feed, the quicker you can develop an eye for it.

5. COMMENT ON OTHER PEOPLE’S PICTURES – This is the best way to engage your audience. Don’t be afraid to comment on else’s picture. This is a good way to draw attention to your brand. One you begin to show the  love to others on Instagram, you will be on the road to gaining more followers and being a social media marketing success.

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