Graphic By Blation Media

Graphic By Blation Media



Do you spend your time trying to convince others on the value of social media?

Here is a must read guide on how to convey the value of an effective social media strategy.

Organizations that have a resonating online presence is better off than those who are nowhere to be found online. Aside from the benefits of being visible and remaining connected to current and prospective customers, social savvy organizations gain industry credibility, brand recognition, a competitive edge over their competitors who are not online, and the ability to reach an infinite number of leads, prospects and customers. But, we all need to know how to manage our social media’s ROI.

Despite all the wonderful attributes of having real-time marketing at your finger tips, for many, the main challenge of social media is an inability to communicate its benefits effectively,. This is especially true when discussing its return on investment with skeptical decision makers and stakeholders who have not bought into the emergent digital marketplace.

Social Media is not what organizations do it is where they are.

Here is how you can measure your social media’s ROI:

Recent numbers from research institute think tank Statistics Brain estimate that 1.4 billion people use Facebook. This number is staggering and surmises the potential customers that your organization is ignoring if it lacks a resonating online presence. However, forward thinking organizations focused on sustainability and longevity have made it a point to lay a stake in online their brand positioning strategy through social media marketing techniques. Some have launched strategies on their own and have received mixed results. Others find it important to hire experts who have the resources and are able to focus on growing the online presence of their client companies.

This is where Blation Media comes in. Blation CEO, Ken Lawson and Director of Operations, Mike Telesca  launched the Los Angeles based startup in 2008. They did so with the premise of providing solutions to the social media and digital marketing needs of their clients. Although they work with all types of organizations, their specialty is assisting the digital foot prints and brand recognition efforts of e-commerce based organizations.

“The main thing that sets us apart from other companies that do what we do are the platforms that we have created. When we started we did not have much because we started from scratch. But, over the years we have been able to build a network of thousands of followers for our clients just by the platforms that we have been able to put into place.” Explains Telesca.

Telesca and Lawson both believe that it is not only possible to analyze and quantify return on investment metrics, but they can also be communicated effectively. “We are able to use detailed reports and give real reports to our clients that show what is working and what is not.” Says Lawson. The partners agree that successful measurements are impossible without first setting goals, tracking campaigns, measuring social interactions and then reporting.

Blation Media gets it right. Check out the live interview and their take on success metrics here:

Lawson and Telesca have been able to perfect how their company handles their client’s digital marketing strategies. They also have the resources and ability to effectively show, measure and convey the success metrics and intrinsic value of the campaigns that they launch for their clients.

Although measuring the return on investment of marketing through social media challenging, Blation Media has been able to do it. Check out the live interview to see how these guys are able to get it done:

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