Benefits of podcasting for your business



Podcasting is not a platform that will make you instantly rich. If you think that you will even become slightly well off from podcasting alone, you need to think again. People who strike it rich from podcasting alone are very rare. Podcasting should instead be viewed as an innovative and highly focused way to market your services. The greatest benefit of podcasting is not the possibility of financial gain. The true value of hosting a podcast is the opportunity that it entails. Podcasting provides endless opportunities for you to get your content distributed on the growing digital framework. Because of this, it provides an even broader reach than blogging can attain alone. This reach includes an audience that has a specific goal of accessing information on their mobile devices and/or on-line. Podcasts also provides the opportunity for thought leaders and everyday bloggers alike to position themselves as experts in their industries.

Podcasts are growing

Podcasting is growing into a new arm of the relationship marketing model. It is effective in building an audience, awareness, driving website traffic and lead generation. When a marketer launches a podcast, this provides ample opportunity for followers to get the impression that they truly know the host on a professional level, which is an excellent way to build trust. Audiences are more likely to turn into consumers and spend money on services if a human voice and personality is standing behind the brand. The sense of intimacy that comes along with your voice going into the ears of scores of prospective listeners is priceless. This intimacy operates as a vehicle for building solid and meaningful relationships with target markets.

Cheap and easy

Podcasts are also an inexpensive marketing strategy. With the accessibility of new technologies like high quality microphones, recording and editing software and MP3′s, podcasting has become easier than ever to launch. For a few hundred dollar investment, the time commitment to remain consistent with posting and the creativity needed in order to keep content fresh and engaging, a podcast can be born.

If you are considering starting a business podcast, here are some tips:

1. Keep content fresh – In order to garner active and loyal listeners, it is important to do a new podcast at least once per week. The most successful podcasters create and publish new content daily or every few days. Also, you want to make sure the content is something that others would want to talk about.

2. Stick to your target market – Just like any other digital marketing, it is important to evaluate what audience your content should be geared toward. Also, make sure that you are developing content that keeps them listening and engaged. Your goal is to provide resources, information, insight and expertise to this audience. You want to make sure that the content is relevant to your niche.

3. Keep it short and simple – It is important to remember that most people who listen to podcasts do so while they are on the go. People are typically jogging, riding in the car or standing in line at the grocery store while listening. With this in mind, podcasts can be as short as 7 minutes, but typically should not be longer than 40 minutes. Anything longer than this time frame, and it is possible for you to lose the attention of the  audience.

4. Enjoy it – Podcasting is on the cutting edge of digital marketing. For this reason, there are no pre-defined rules set in stone. It is important to not stress about getting everything perfect. Try to have conversational style that is relaxed and engaging. This will give the hosts of the show the persona that they are real people who are approachable which fosters trust among audiences.

5. Feedback – Encourage feedback from listeners. If you do receive less than positive feedback or constructive criticism, welcome it. Take it into consideration and make needed adjustments if there is any merit to negative feedback.  This would require the ability to be introspective, but see it as a chance to improve your podcast.

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