Personal Branding is Key Before You Begin Your Social Media Marketing Strategy


Social media marketing provides real estate professionals with many benefits when it comes to marketing and growing a sustainable business.

These benefits stem from our ability (unlike ever before) to get our message in front of an endless number of people who represent our target markets and ideal clients. Social media also provides us with an incredible opportunity to reach new leads for our business on a global scale.

As a Georgia Real Estate Commission instructor, I have taught hundreds of realtors and agents how to grow their businesses with effective social media marketing strategies. The one question that I often get from these students is how do I get started?

My answer: Start by developing your personal branding.

What is your personal brand? Because so many people get the concept of a business and a personal brand confused, we should start by exploring the definition of a business. Then we can uncover the idea of an effective personal brand.

A business is the exchange of goods and services. On the other hand, your personal brand is the exchange of values and experiences.

Here is an example of what I mean: Say I decide to go down to one of those big box stores after seeing their television commercial. The flashy colors, happy actors, and eye-catching logo most likely had an impact on my decision to shop at that particular store. I made this choice based on various aspects of how this business has marketed itself.

But, what if I get there and I experience a dirty and unorganized store, with awful customer service and a rude staff? I have then experienced that company’s actual brand.

I might even tell all of my friends and family not to make the same mistake I did by shopping at that store. With this scenario, it’s easy to see why Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon defines your brand as what others say about you when you are not around.

Personal branding is a promise that we make to our customers, leads, and prospects and whether or not we make good on this promise. Effective personal branding leads to brand recognition and customer loyalty.

It’s impossible to make much of an impact on social media if you have not identified your personal brand.

I am so passionate about personal branding that I decided to create this 5 part personal branding series.

In part one, we will dive into the initial phase of personal branding, your brand positioning.

Brand positioning defines that you are all about as a professional and a business. It answers the following question: What do you do and who do you do this for?

Let’s face it, social media is noisy. There are countless people on any given social media platform with varying messages. Clear brand positioning helps to separate you from the noise and does a good job of showing what’s unique about your brand.

Personal branding shows the value that you bring to the table. It also helps you to stand out as a unique and one of a kind thought leader. Effective brand positioning displays what’s different between you and your competitors.

Once you have defined your personal brand position, you have to write it down. You should have at least a paragraph or two hundred word
Personal Branding Summary.” This will help DEFINE and FOCUS your personal brand.

It was not until I started my personal branding journey that I started to attract the right clients. Once I identified my values, doors started to open up for me in a big way.

Personal branding is very much about self-discovery. It is a dynamic process and will ebb and flow as you continue to grow personally and professionally. You owe it to yourself to as the thought leader that you are.

If you are interested in getting started. Shoot me an email right now to find out more about my Personal Branding Discovery Session.

This session is all about you. I will take you through my five-point personal branding system. You will come out on the other side with clear messaging, a brand that resonates and engages with your target market and a lead generation strategy that will drive inbound leads and referrals to you. What are you waiting for?